Admission and costs

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The training is aimed at English-speaking people who want to acquire skills in the management of innovative projects.


o Coursework instruction is English. Candidates must have a C1 / B2 + level.

o Candidates must have a Bachelor (Bac + 4) level in Humanities, Social Sciences, Political Science, Information and Communication or Engineering School.

Modalities of admission: Candidate selection is based on a two-step process: (1) acceptance of written application and (2) subsequent applicant interview.

According to status

  • 5372€ + CVEC + TOULBOX  = around 5600€
  • Erasmus : according to convention between universities

Practical Information
Your budget must be 650 € a month minimum to meet your everyday needs.
 Average monthly expenses:
University halls of residence : from 150€ to 400€ (possible CAF allowance )
 Private studio : 400€ (possible CAF allowance )

Transportation (Bus, Tram, Tube): from 10€ to 40€ (depending on age group)

Food : 200€

Telephone : 20€

Miscellaneous (Leisure, clothes...) : 210€

To be paid when signing the rental contract
 : One-month rental (deposit) - possible allowance.
 Rental insurance : from 30€ to 150€. 

Des aides financières pour le logement sont possibles grâce à la Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) comme les APL ou ALS. La Région Midi-Pyrénées permet aux étudiants de prétendre à la garantie logement, plus d’informations sur ce site

More information 

Connect to this platform to apply :

You must complete Thrusday 03/31/2022 6 pm Paris Time
Results of the first Round : Friday 04/08/2022
Interview From the 04/11/2020 to the 04/15/2022
Final Results : from Friday 04/22/2022