Publié le 10 décembre 2017 Mis à jour le 7 juillet 2020

The Master DPM trains project managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs capable of leading dialogue with technical experts while mastering the social stakes of digital. It aims to develop both digital skills and the ability to manage projects and innovation.

Key learning outcomes

Through the master's degree in the field of project management you:

- take on a project in all its complexity;

- ensure an interdisciplinary dialogue;

- acquire digital skills and the ability to innovate and be creative;

- manage innovation and its externalities. 

The Master DPM thus favors on the one hand the design, development and monitoring of projects using digital technologies and on the other hand, understanding the technical, economic and social issues associated with new technological use.

Career opportunities

At the end of the course, our students create (or integrate) an innovative startup in the digital sector, work in private or public companies confronted with digitization of their activities, but also in local government and the non-profit sector. Some of them can also pursued in a PHD cursus.