Programme Description

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Our training combines various types of savoir-faire to enable you to master key elements.

Programme timetable 

Semester 1 (October-February) : Courses 
Semester 2 (February-September) : Two options
  • Students follow a mentored internship of 3 to 6 months (in France or abroad) and write a thesis at the end of their studies in which they reflect on their experiences and journey.
  • Or students write an Enhanced Research Thesis in case of a PHD objective.

Programme detail

Project management: 75h (8 ECTS)
The course presents the fundamentals of driving a digital project in a context of innovative or creation of a company. The lessons are divided as follows:

- Planning, risk management (12h30)

- Team management (12h30)

- The "Big Projects" (50h), sessions with French MPN students. The companies pitch in october in front of the students, then students choose a project and form working teams. They have 5 months of work with acompaniment of one afternoon per week to finalise the project.

Budget Management : 25h (4 ECTS)

Theoretical approaches to digital : 100h (8 ECTS)
The course focuses on current digital issues.

- Digital Societal Issues (12h30)

- Strategy, Project and Innovation (12h30)

- Data analytics (12h30)
- Web ecosystem of a company (12h30)

- Principles of Digital Manufacturing and Prototyping (FabLab) (25h)

* Use of 3D printer, laser cutter, Arduino ...

* Creation of a digital object

- Seminars
Each year a visiting professor will lead a course on digital issues (6h)
A professional speaker on digital projects issues (3h) 
- Toulouse Digital Tour : 16h
visiting and discovering the actors of Toulouse’s digital ecosystem.

Innovative Technology Practicum
: 25h (4 ECTS)
Hackaton, involving French MPN Students: organized on 2 days, it aims to Develop digital skills, creativity management of innovation + there is competitive element: a panel of judges (organisers + sponsors) select the winning teams and awards are given.

Data, the golden nugget : 25h
(4 ECTS)
The course aims at providing students best practices and practical insights on the full data lifecycle: data acquisition (scraping and crowdsourcing), curation and analysis, management and storage, usage (vizualisation and nudge).

Gateway to employment: 25h (3 ECTS)

Develop student employability skills... Job search methodology and personal development.

Learning expeditions 
- Paris and Marseille - (7 ECTS)
Visits and conferences are organized with professional speakers on topics current themes int the digital sector:
- Paris Digital Tour (25h)
- Marseille Digital Tour (25h)

French Foreign Language: 50h (3 ECTS)
Two student levels (1. Beginners, 2. All others)

Non Academic Programm (25h)
Cultural visits and "art de vivre"

Internship from 3 to 6 months (+ thesis) or Enhanced Research Thesis (19 ECTS)

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